Therapy and Counseling for Children and Teens

Teen Counseling

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time full of changes and challenges. It may seem like you don't even know your own child from week to week. Navigating these transitions is difficult for both teens and parents alike. We adopt a relational approach with teens that emphasizes trust, safety, and the therapeutic relationship. Our clinicians have years of experience in helping teens develop their own voice, beliefs, and personhood amidst school and cultural pressures. We value adolescents' privacy while keeping parents in the loop, especially around issues of risk and safety. 

Child Counseling

Children often struggle with big emotions that come out in unexpected ways. We provide a mix of non-directive play therapy and skills-based cognitive behavioral therapy for children age 7 and up. For younger children, we prefer to work with parents to develop effective strategies for managing routines and behaviors.  The structure of child therapy depends on each child's attention span and therapy goals, but parents are an essential part of the equation. The session is usually split between the child and parent so everyone can be on the same page. 

Educational Consultation

As a school psychologist and former special educator, Dr. Ren is familiar with the maze of special education law and policy. Let her help you

  • Interpret school evaluation results
  • Conduct school-based observations
  • Consult with teachers
  • Understand the difference between IEP and 504
  • Navigate school IEP meetings