Psychological Assessment 

Psychological assessment investigates how your thinking, learning, emotions, and/or personality interacts with your environment. Through this process, we gather information about your strengths and weaknesses to tailor recommendations for success. Testing packages vary in price and includes a thorough intake interview, several hours of testing (dependent on referral concern), an in-person feedback session, and a written report. Results may be used for a variety of purposes such as informing educational or job-related decisions, requesting accommodations, and gaining diagnostic clarity for therapy. Our approach is collaborative and culturally-informed,  incorporating multiple perspectives and assessment instruments. Please review assessment FAQs or  contact us for additional information.



Psychoeducational Testing

This type of evaluation determines if a child or young adult has a disorder that impacts their learning such as ADHD or a learning disability. The individual's intellectual abilities, academic achievement levels, information processing, and general emotional and behavioral functioning are assessed through interviews, questionnaires, an individualized battery of testing instruments, and observation. While emotional and behavioral functioning are assessed, the focus of this evaluation is on how these factors interact with the person's academic success. Results are typically used to inform educational decisions such as requesting 504 or Special Education services, requesting accommodations for standardized testing, or registering with a university's Services for Students with Disabilities office.

ADHD Testing

For adults who would like a clear ADHD diagnosis, we offer an abbreviated testing procedure to screen for problems of attention, concentration, and executive functioning. This testing includes an interview, basic testing, in-person feedback, and a letter summarizing evaluation results. This testing is most appropriate for adults seeking diagnostic clarification for ADHD only. 



Social-Emotional and Personality Testing

These assessments aim to help individuals of all ages better understand their functioning across a variety of domains including mood, behavior, personality, and interpersonal relationships. Results help individuals, their loved ones, and treating therapists to better understand one's diagnoses, personality structure, and emotional functioning. 

Have more questions? Check out our Assessment FAQ