Asian-Americans, Immigration, and Acculturation

You've worked hard to live up to your parents' high expectations, but wonder if they'll ever be proud of you. Maybe you are the parent who wants the best for your American-born children, and don't know why they are so rebellious and unhappy. As  an immigrant born in China and raised in the United States, I understand the challenges of being a "third culture kid."  I take a culturally-mindful approach to every case and am especially sensitive to generational differences in expectations.

Immigration and acculturation occur at different rates for each of us. This may lead to gaps in understanding between family members, as well as feelings of isolation and misalignment. My aim is to help families improve their communication to unite in their goals and arrive at mutual understanding. I have a specialized interest in helping young adults differentiate from their families of origin to develop their own voice and metrics of success. 

I am proficient in mandarin Chinese.