Therapy and Counseling for Adults

Individual Therapy

Whether you are going through a difficult life transition, dealing with stress at home or work, struggling with pervasive mental health concerns, or simply want to know yourself better- we can help you mindfully navigate challenges and develop new perspectives and coping methods. We see adults for a range of concerns, but most of them center around finding balance. Some people seek work-life balance and want to be better at figuring out what's important and making time for these priorities. Others are navigating new life roles and seek balance between self and others, whether that's in a romantic relationship, parenting role, or leaving the nest. 

Our approach to working with you is  collaborative, meaning we respect you as the authority on your life and our role is to help troubleshoot what's not going well. We work primarily from interpersonal and attachment perspectives, where we believes life's patterns are rooted in formative relationships and experiences, which in turn affect our mood and self-concept. We also use third wave cognitive-behavioral approaches such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and mind-body integration techniques to help you develop individualized new skills that work in the context of your unique situation. While we don't do couples' therapy, we do encourage our clients to bring significant others into session periodically so they may learn new ways of understanding and supporting you.